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If not for advertising, Rajesh Sutar would have been pursuing his first love, painting. “The world is a canvas to bring alive one's imagination”, these words of wisdom from his art college professor inspired him to pursue Commercial Arts. While he’s still a painter at heart, he has pushed the artist in him to make advertising a canvas to express his ideas and stories. With over 14 years of experience in building brands and designing brand identities, he is a seasoned professional who brings fresh thinking and perspectives to the table. He believes his child-like inquisitiveness to ask questions and learn more has been a big driver in keeping his passion to tell brand and human stories alive. Throughout his career, he has worked across categories, handled big brands, launched omnichannel campaigns, and won metals while managing and leading teams. On weekends, when he pretends to be out of network, he is busy painting his signature bull series or exploring the world of colours with his son.



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